Blink, powered by Tvinci, to take the Philippines by storm

With a content line up to rival that of Netflix and Hulu, Blink – powered by Tvinci’s second generation platform for pay OTT TV – is the latest OTT TV service taking Asia by storm.

Blink is the brainchild of Omni, the digital branch of Solar Entertainment. Solar is the largest buyer of Hollywood content in South East Asia, and owns 6 cable channels in the Philippines as well as exclusive rights for Hollywood movie distribution in cinemas, and the NBA games in the Philippines.

With increased uptake in broadband subscriptions and a booming market for connected devices, the addition of an OTT service to Solar’s existing portfolio is a natural move. Solar selected Tvinci to provide a full turn-key solution for their cutting edge multi-screen service, and has partnered with Deluxe OnDemand to provide a contemporary and lively line up of the best in Hollywood blockbusters and prime time TV series.

“We have chosen to work with Tvinci and Deluxe OnDemand because of the confidence of the Hollywood studios in these partners and their track record in the digital media business." Ronan K Deguzman, Chief Operating Officer of Omni and Executive Vice President of Solar Entertainment.

The Tvinci platform will manage content, devices, business rules and user experience and will provide a future proofed service for Solar, with support for multiple business models, geo-services such as subtitles, dubbing and currencies, as well as support for multi-tenancy. The service will be deployed and available on the market in just three months from the commercial stage.

The service will include multiple business models including SVOD, TVOD, pre-paid, freemium and more. In addition, the service will also include six live channels with full EPG support. Blink will be available on PCs/Macs, iOS & Android smartphones and tablets, with other devices to be added.

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