This section presents an overview of the main functionalities included in each of the 3 sub-systems that compose the Tvinci Platform.

Tvinci handles 3 pivotal components within the OTT value chain: the OTT headend and content management system (Tvinci MediaHub), the client / storefront application management system (Tvinci MediaStore) and the user interface/"client" on multiple screens (Device Applications). While you are reading this, Tvinci's R&D team is working on new functionalities for the next versions of MediaHub or its tablet app, ensuring that you are ahead of the curve.

The Tvinci MediaHub

This component is the cornerstone of a pay-OTT TV service and caters for the continuity of content consumption across all devices. It handles issues such as:

  • Enrichment of metadata
  • Bundling of content
  • Creation and easy edition of different Business models (PPV, subscriptions, ads, coupons, gifts etc.)
  • Configuration of backend parameters related to the users and devices (maximum number of total devices per user, types of devices, credit management)

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The Tvinci MediaStore

This component allows service providers to:

  • Manage the user experience across multiple devices
  • Provide personalized offerings and recommendations
  • Profile users
  • Adjust the user interface and layout for each device
  • Associate devices to a household and define individual restrictions and allowances applied to particular members within it

Tie in the user's social world and the content it offers him or her.

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The client/device applications

A key component of the value chain, the storefront application is the user interface that consumers see when they are using the service. There are distinct differences in the requirements needed for each type of device and Tvinci provides both its own device applications, as well as APIs and SDKs that enable building a new user interface from scratch.

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