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Tvinci builds innovative bespoke platform for Orange Israel

Orange, the leading Telecom Brand in Israel, made a strategic decision to leverage its already developed assets in the cellular world in order to expand the communications basket it provides its clients, to include additional communications fields. Today, Orange supplies ISP services and transmission, and is in the process of entering the Television world. Orange chose Tvinci to build their Internet TV platform, as the Tvinci product answers the mobile operator's needs in terms of a top-notch front-end video experience for viewers and a flexible and sophisticated yet easy to operate back-end media management platform which is capable of integrating with Orange's various existing systems, to stream premium content across a range of consumer devices.

Using DRM and cross-platform convergence capabilities of NDS, Tvinci's team characterized, developed and designed the site, and has been responsible for the integration of Tvinci's back-end media management platform (Tvinci MediaHub) into Orange's existing CMS (Alcatel-Lucent software). 'Orange Time' is a state-of-the-art user friendly VOD environment, created to allow Orange to offer "top-shelf" content, from full episodes of TV shows to feature-length films. Tvinci's flexible monetizing options enable Orange to offer their clients ad funded free content, content bundles and paid for content. The content is priced individually, according to the specific characteristics of each user.

The Tvinci deployment includes the innovative, search engine friendly VOD platform which is aimed at enhancing content discovery by viewers, in order to enable them to watch studio-quality content on advanced video players without struggling to find it. The TV Portal accessible on the PC also includes an easy purchasing process performed by viewers on the video player itself, which utilizes Orange's existing billing systems and Orange customers' monthly invoice. Orange uses Tvinci's flexible management system to create pages and designs, change colors and alter the presentation of video content, all in a matter of seconds. 'Orange Time' is available at this stage in Russian and Hebrew; additional languages can be introduced easily through the management platform. Tvinci's platform provides the flexibility that enables an interactive viewing experience on the front-end and allows the use of all video formats and DRM capabilities.

The OrangeTime and Tvinci deployment marked the first time that a teleco has entered the Television world through the internet, and we at Tvinci are privileged to be a significant part of this exciting evolvement. We believe that other major brands will learn from this experience and share in the subsequent success of taking their services “Over The Top”.