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“Tvinci Makes MTV Israel Rock So Much Harder Than”

"Tvinci figures out a way for their customers to make money."

MTV approached Tvinci to develop a new and original broadband strategy that would meet and enhance their audience’s Internet habits. MTV sought a reliable platform for its large number of users, with a range of options for monetizing content, ability to block content in specific regions, and provide detailed usage reporting.

The Tvinci platform was a perfect fit.

“MTV had an ambition to develop a bespoke product for Israel that would blow the competition out of the water, Tvinci worked their magic, not only realizing that ambition but surpassing it. The Tvinci team pushed the boundaries of usability and functionality to create a superb site with some of the best, most user friendly features seen on the web to date.”

Matt GraffMatt Graff, Head of Production, MTV Emerging Markets

The MTV Israel site was based on three parts: magazine-like content, social networking and video. Unlike other sites, all three parts are interwoven. Users could discover original MTV content through their friends’ eyes, save unlimited playlists of video clips and programs, share playlists with their friends, explore content, and meet new friends with similar tastes in music. Users could add meta data to clips, such as pop-up video comments, reactions, ratings, etc.

Furthermore, users could upload their own original content to the site (both video and audio) and receive accurate statistics regarding how many people heard it, liked it, downloaded it, etc. User chosen content is also played on the TV Box, MTV’s online television channel.

MTV’s site gave each user a personal experience, allowing users to search content as they likes, alone or together with their friends, with the ability to respond and add more content.

Bhavneet Singh, Managing Director and Senior Vice President, Emerging Markets, MTVNI commented: “The Tvinci team are real pioneers in the broadband space and have revolutionised the way viewers can consume content online".

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