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Tvinci powers Singapore's first OTT TV service

Recent years have seen a boom in the demand for OTT services in Asia, as CE sales in the region have increased, and bandwidths have improved so that it has become much easier to successfully stream HD content to the tens of millions of consumers in each country. 2012 saw the OTT market mature further, and the Tvinci deployment for Mediacorp is the perfect example of a next generation OTT TV service, handling the multiplicity of devices and their standards. By providing a seamless OTT 2.0 service, Tvinci has again demonstrated how incumbent media companies quickly deploy the most innovative OTT service by taking advantage of Tvinci's fast time to market – in this case the project was launched just 6 months after the contract was signed.

Mediacorp took the strategic decision to add Toggle – a new OTT TV service - to their value proposition in order to encourage their consumers to enjoy new viewing experiences. Toggle utilizes both components of the Tvinci backend – the Tvinci MediaHub, managing content, users and devices, as well as the Tvinci MediaStore, which manages the user experience and provides an immersive social experience.

The deployment with Tvinci's OTT 2.0 backend platform includes Tvinci's multi-DRM solution, supporting Microsoft PlayReady and Google's Widevine DRM simultaneously across the different devices. The use of a multi DRM solution for both VOD and live content is an industry first. This new, seamless, cross-device viewing experience is designed to help viewers embrace new TV viewing habits.

“Consumers are increasingly using connected devices both as companion devices and as second screens, and so we made a strategic decision to make Toggle not only a direct way for them to watch MediaCorp content anytime and anywhere, but also a gateway to a brand new TV experience,” said Philip Koh, Managing Director, Convergent Media Division, MediaCorp. “We're happy to have Toggle powered by Tvinci's OTT 2.0 backend, and confident in the way that our users' devices and content are managed and delivered. Tvinci's team demonstrated great technical acumen through the quality and speed at which Toggle has been developed and launched.”

Philip KohPhilip Koh, MD, Convergent Media Division, MediaCorp.
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The service is available to consumers as a subscription service or as a pay per view service, and offers both linear and video on-demand (VOD) content, and access to a library of over 3,000 hours of programming as well as 11 live TV channels. The service includes both local and Hollywood content.

Toggle is available across PC, iPhone, iPad and connected TV with additional applications for Android smartphones and tablets, as well as additional connected TV applications, to be added in the future. This deployment includes a complex flow for parental controls in order to meet industry regulations. Parental controls within Toggle include a 2 PIN process to prevent both purchasing and viewing of age-inappropriate content. Additionally, paid content available on the service can be purchased through a variety of different subscriptions, with multiple usage models (e.g. 9 months for X price and the next three months for Y price).

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