Operated by Eutelsat Germany, a 100% subsidiary of Eutelsat S.A, Eutelsat KabelKiosk allows customers to operate pay TV services across Germany using the white label KableKiosk cable operator infrastructure and content. Eutelsat KabelKiosk uses the Tvinci solution to allow over 300 affiliate companies to provide a sophisticated second generation TV service to over 3.5 million German households across PC, iOS & Android smartphones and tablets, set-top-boxes and HbbTV devices.

Tvinci provides a turn key solution for operators or media companies looking to launch an OTT TV service across connected devices, which is both social and personal to each end user. This full solution includes the backend platform to manage all of the components necessary to launch an OTT TV service including users, content, devices, business rules, content protection, billing and user experience, as well as a full set of front end templates.

Using Tvinci’s second generation platform for OTT TV with client applications, KableKiosk will provide their operators with all of the tools required to deploy a cutting edge cross device OTT TV experience where each end user within a household has access to their own personal TV service.  In this way, end users can access their content on the devices registered to the account, and once logged in with their unique user, they will be able to see their personal viewing history, social network activity, preferences and social based recommendations. Furthermore, the household administrator can manage permissions (including devices, subscriptions, content, VOD budgets) using the extensive self-care module.

Tvinci’s solution for Eutelsat KabelKiosk is revolutionary, as it facilitates re-selling of the platform in a B2B2B wholesale model. This is enabled by the structure of the Tvinci platform which was built with multi-tenancy in mind. As a result, KabelKiosk affiliates will have the option to customize
their offerings – business rules, front end
templates and types of content –
depending on their level of investment in
the product. Operators will provide end
users with VOD, linear TV, catch up TV,
social feeds and recommendation and a
second screen companion mode for
mobile devices. The EPG with a seven day buffer will also provide live pause and restart TV, with a reverse EPG for catch up content.

“Consumers are looking for a more immersive TV experience - something more than just a straightforward multi-screen service,” said Martina Rutenbeck, Managing Director of Eutelsat visAvision GmbH. “Tvinci’s OTT 2.0 platform enables us to deploy a fully managed solution with an exceptional user experience. We have selected best of breed vendors to build our infrastructure, and Tvinci was selected because it offers the richest OTT platform and the right international track record in OTT TV, enabling our affiliates to easily manage their content, business rules and device apps."

Tvinci’s backend platform also manages the content protection, in this case a combination of both Playready and Marlin DRMs, as well as features to restrict concurrent streams, the number of users per household and the frequency of devices added/removed from the account.