Device Applications

A key component of the value chain, the storefront application is the user interface that consumers see when they use the service. There are distinct differences in the requirements needed for each type of device and Tvinci provides both its own device applications, as well as APIs and SDKs that enable building a new user interface from scratch.



iOs and Android tablets are nowadays the cornerstone of new OTT ventures, used both as "1st screens" for direct viewing, and "2nd screens": companion apps that support the OTT 2.0 experience on the TV. They allow end users to interact with the content they are watching on their primary screen, communicate with friends watching the same content, browse through content offerings with zero disturbance to others watching the TV screen and much more.

Tvinci's flagship app for tablets combines 1st and 2nd screen usage, and carefully balances OTT 2.0 functionalities with ease of use. The basis for the app's customizable iPad and Android versions is Tvinci's SDKs. Service providers who wish to develop their own "new" tablet apps may similarly utilize Tvinci's SDKs for iOS and Android.

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Much like the tablet, users can watch content directly on the smartphone – particularly with the large screens of smartphones offered today (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S III) – or use it to enhance the OTT 2.0 experience. Tvinci's smartphone apps allow end users to discover content and engage with their peers while viewing on a large TV screen.

Tvinci's smartphone user interface was especially designed to make the best use of the limited space on the device screen. The customizable apps for the iPhone and Android phones versions is based on Tvinci's SDKs. Service providers who wish to develop their own "new" smartphone apps may similarly utilize Tvinci's SDKs for iOS and Android.

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Web portal

The web portal is not only another screen to watch content on, but also where users can access the user Selfcare in order to easily add devices to their account, adjust account preferences and control supplementary household accounts.

Tvinci's web portals are highly customizable, run on PCs and Macs, and on all major browsers, including Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Tvinci offers a wide range of web-portal components that service providers can choose from, as well as the ability to combine Tvinci video-related components with externally developed modules.

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Connected TV

The user interface for the TV makes finding content with the restrictions of a remote control, as easy and intuitive as possible. The primary screen in a household, the TV is the ideal place to watch content and the user interface has been designed to give easy and fast access to finding and browsing content.

Tvinci offers customizable connected TV apps on all major TV brands, including Samsung, Panasonic, LG and others. Some of the world's finest TV app development companies utilized the Tvinci APIs to tailor the specific TV user interface OTT service providers seek for. The hands on experience gained while working with multiple TV platforms and development houses, contributed to the enrichment of Tvinci's APIs for the TV, enabling unmatched feature set and flexibility for service providers.

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Set-top Box

Though other devices are gaining ever-increasing popularity, the set-top box is still an extremely powerful device for a service provider to have at the end user's living room- no other device grants the service provider similar influence on the end user's content choices.

The Tvinci APIs can be used on any box that has basic OTT video support, enabling service providers to pick the box that best suits their strategy. The interface is usually the standard interface of the selected box, except in cases (like that of Netgem) where the box includes Tvinci-specific features.

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Game Console

Game Console

Game consoles serve as very effective channels for premium content OTT services, due to both the platforms and the profile of many of their users. Nevertheless, there's inherent complexity in developing for these relatively closed systems.

Tvinci offers apps for Xbox and PlayStation 3, based on Tvinci's APIs and user interface created by game console development houses.

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