As consumers expect to enjoy a more sophisticated multi-screen pay TV service from their pay TV providers, operators are searching for effective ways to provide added value to keep their end users satisfied. Harnessing the power of the consumer's internet connection, and taking advantage of the number of connected devices in the average end users' households, provides operators with a new opportunity to innovate and add additional screens to their current pay-TV offering. Film1 Go is the perfect example of this, as Chellomedia - the international content division of Liberty Global which distributes 66 television channels internationally to more than 364 million households worldwide – decided to create Film1 Go as an online video service for Film1 customers.

Chellomedia's premium Dutch television service Film 1, provides five dedicated film channels – Premier, Action, Family, Sundance and Series – and is available to their customers as an SVOD service, as part of their value proposition. Film1 Go offers end users a variety of personalization features including the ability to follow a series and to  start watching content on one device and continuing to watch it on another device. The Tvinci backend platform empowers Film1 to meet studio requirements by managing the number of devices permitted on each account, by tracking and limiting the number of concurrent streams on any account and by using proxy detection and geo blocking.

Whilst the deployment for Film1 Go utilizes selected functionality of Tvinci’s OTT 2.0 platform, the full solution includes the ability to manage individual members within each household to provide a truly personalized viewing experience which can integrate with all of the popular social networks. The platform can be scaled up with minimum effort as the backend provides comprehensive APIs for all functions (eg recommendations, content bundling, social network activity) which enables any third party to develop the front end and to deploy the service as required. For this deployment for Film1 Go, the client application was created by a third party provider.

The Film1 Go service is an SVOD service where end-users will be authenticated (through Ziggo, CanalDigital, UPC and other operators) as existing Film1 subscribers who are entitled to use the online service. Once authenticated, consumers will have access to the full library of VOD content on the Film1 Go service.

In order to provide Film1 Go across the full range of connected devices, the Tvinci has deployed the sophisticated multi-DRM platform for Film1 Go. Tvinci is a licensee of both Microsoft Playready and Google Widevine and subsequently Film1 can offer their protected premium content on iPad, iPhone, Android tablets/smartphones and PC/Mac. This ability to support multi-DRM provides consumers with the same content and the same user experience, across different devices, a capability enjoyed by other Tvinci customers as well.

The Film1 Go service is available for subscribers in on iPad, iPhone and PC/Mac. “The landscape is changing, and people are seeking new ways to discover content, consume it and interact with it, on any device. That’s why we are so pleased to work with Tvinci, whose expertise is helping us to bring the next generation of TV to Film1 subscribers,” said Jeroen Bergman, Managing Director, Chellomedia.

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Orange case study

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